What are the top tips for designing a functional app for app development?

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    What are the top tips for designing a functional app for app development?

    Given below are the important tips given by the professionals to design a functional app for app development:

    Choose the right version before designing the API

    You must choose the right version from the start because you need to make one or 2 changes. The API comes in different versions as it is the main connector between the back-end and the app. If this is not done correctly from the start then you might lose its functionality. When different versions are created, it can make it easier to use the applications when modified APIs are introduced.

    Get the benefit of caching and local storage

    Clients can have a tough time to load the application because of the HTML size, image files, and CSS. While saving them in local storage it can be easier to reduce the size of files.

    By doing so it is going to save you time and additional cost which you need to spend on to retrieve the data so that the client can use the app.

    Do not include unnecessary steps and permission in the API

    Commonly, most APIs have the important steps included in them which tell how they are linked to other services. To make sure your app is the best you need to stop the use of unnecessary steps. If the API is designed in such a manner then your app will not work the way you want.

    Consider the employ pagination

    At times, the app returns the data which is not required. To make sure this problem does not occur, you should paginate the results. While designing the API, it is essential to paginate the result of the list of the item it will return. There are 2 ways of doing that which includes:

    • The ideal way to achieve this is with the use of Kaminari.
    • The other way is to implement them manually with the offsets and reduce the statements which are present in the data collections.

    Make sure to display the meta information of the pagination when the results are brought back. To do this perfectly, use HTTP headers inside the response.

    Apply JSON while designing the API

    There were times in the past when it was considered to be effective to pass POST data as a URL encoded data. However, many things are changed now when data is sent to endpoints and for that use the JSON.

    Non-blocking I/O

    It is impossible while trying to optimize the API and not consider the blocking features in Javascript execution to give the client the app which functions correctly. In some cases, the API needs to interact with 3rd parties so it is best to allow the non-blocking I/O. To do that the blocking model and triggering model can be chosen. You can talk to the app development experts to understand what will suit your business app the best.