What are the topmost effective strategies which increase blog traffic?

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    What are the topmost effective strategies which increase blog traffic?

    In this blog, we will take you through some of the effective methods to increase blog traffic suggested by the upskilled team of the best digital marketing agency Sydney.

    Boost the blog traffic 1: Kindle Select

    Are you aware that self-published books lead to 31% of e-book sales in the Kindle store? To publish your book you don’t have to reach a large publishing house. Within just one week, anyone from anywhere can publish the book which is a great way to drive traffic. The 90 days plan is a great way to target the audience and get it for free. For 5 days, you can even run promotions for free. The 2 most effective ways to drive traffic are:

    • Opt for the free giveaway
    • Link directly to the website inside the book

    Along with that, the Download a Sample or Look Inside features can be of great help. In case the book is free then you can expect around 1000+ visitors in just one week, and in one month it can reach up to 6500+ visitors.


    Boost the blog traffic 2: Making your content viral

    Every person wants their content to be viral but when it is not done people will fail. If you are not paying attention to the posts then you want to get what you are looking for. To make sure it is done correctly, you need to write catchy headlines. Research has shown that 8 out of 10 people just see the headline and make a choice whether they need to read your content or not.

    Apart from that, you need to tell them a story to gain their attention. Once the reader is hooked he is not going anywhere. Opting for a good headline is going to encourage the users to click on the content. After that, the quality of content and need to be truthful. The larger the content is, the more it will gain more audience. Additionally, it is going to give more opportunities for SEO to result in a high conversion rate.


    Boost the blog traffic 3: Know your audience

    Just 4% of the site visitors are ready to make the purchase or go to the next step. You need to offer them something which does not take much of their time or they need to commit to something.


    Boost the blog traffic 4: Go with the topic generator

    If you want to have a viral post, then you need to find the posts which make a difference for your business. One of the best tools is Hubspot’s blog post. There will be several free topics there and if you sign up, for one year you can get different topics.


    Boost the blog traffic 5: Go through comments to have ideas

    You need to go through the comments and get ideas about what the reader wants or to which things they feel connected.