What are the topmost effective web design tips proven through research?

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    Wondering what are research-based tips the professionals use for web development? When you hire the experts from the best website designing company, you can rest assured that they provide you the best website design which for sure will result in the success you are looking for.

    • Site speed should be given importance

    With the best website design, you must focus on speed. If the bounce rate on the website is higher then it means that consumers are not satisfied or they are not getting the information they are looking for. If the website speed is slow then the user won’t stick to the website and your website will not be able to get a higher ranking in the search engine.

    • Take benefit from the fold

    On the folds, everyone has their own opinion. On the website, you must give importance to the content and make the most of the space. Here’s what you need to do:

    • Use clear & descriptive headline
    • Include media like images, audio, and videos.
    • Include the call to action


    • Boost the conversion rate

    To boost the conversion rate, here are some of the things which you need to focus on.

    -Reduce the number of menu items

    – Limit form field focus on one call to action

    – Only display social buttons for networks where you are present or currently using.

    – Stick to one goal per page

    No doubt, there are different choices which you can use. You should talk to the professionals as they can suggest to you better what will benefit your website.


    • Simplicity is the key

    Simple is effective and that is what the users prefer. If the user sees something complex, he won’t pay attention to it. Some of the ideas which you need to focus upon are:

    • You need to carefully choose the slider for the website design. When the distraction is less, it helps to focus on the content.
    • You should focus on the standard layouts for the website. If you want your website to stand out, then it is important to focus on other things.


    • Avoid carousels, accordions, tabs, and sliders

    Website owners love carousels and most of them request to be included in the website. But, when you research you will get to know it is a waste of time. The basic reason to not include it is that they are ignored. So, there is no point in adding something on the website which the user ignores. The same goes with the other options like tabs, accordions, and sliders.

    • Visual cues are attractive

    Well! This means that you direct the focus on those parts which you want the user to notice. Humans tend to point in the same direction in which the people in the ad see. This way you can get the attention of the user.