What are the topmost tips to attract customers towards your website?

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    Do you have a website? But it is not gaining the attention of the customers the way it should. First of all, you should hire a team of professionals from the web development company who can provide you with knowledge in-depth about what is best and not. They will ensure that the website designing and development is done as per the latest trends and all the latest features are incorporated.


    • Include Internal Links

    On all the website pages, be it an existing blog or individual product pages you should add the internal links. If you are not doing this in your content then you are missing out on many things. Search engines love links. The link helps the search engine to understand the importance of content and how fruitful it can be. Additionally, it checks the website structure and quality. Link addition also helps to improve Website SEO.

    • Consider color

    Psychology makes a lot of difference and whether a business will get conversion or not. One of the research has shown that, if you opt for the red color then it will impact the decision of customer purchase. Being a business owner you need to make sure that your website has the right color scheme and it should complement everything. If something is not correct, then you should change the colors and how much change it can put.

    • Improve the GMB profile

    Impressions make a lot of difference and especially for the website. You need to think from the point of view of the consumer. While looking for the business, keep in mind what keeps your interest going in them. The more reliable you are it will keep the interest of customers in your business.

    Your GMB profile must be well-managed. The GMB profile should be claimed, branded, and optimized. Whether the reviews are positive or negative, it should be relevant to your brand. The contact information should be mentioned clearly.

    • A/B test your headlines

    Throughout the content use the headlines and subheadings to make the customer feel attracted. This way conversion is increased. Around 80% of users read headlines, and the rest will read the pending content. So, make sure you work it accordingly to attract the audience.

    • Use relevant pop-up

    At times, pop-ups can be annoying. But from a business point of view, they are extremely helpful. It is a great way to keep the customer engaged with your business. If it is used correctly, the conversion rate increases by 9.38%.

    In case, you are offering a discount or offer then you should make use of this. However, if anything is for more than 30 seconds then it is annoying and customers do not prefer going on that site.

    The ops up you use should close easily and do not cover the content of the main page or wherever they pop-up.