What are the topmost tips to get a Job in SEO when you are a fresher?

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    What are the topmost tips to get a Job in SEO when you are a fresher?

    Digital marketing has become an important part of the business to increase sales and business visibility. Well established businesses have realized that digital marketing is an important part of promoting the business. With the increased number of businesses, its services and products must be promoted in the best way possible. In digital marketing, SEO is included which is a vital factor for the business to get increased traffic and organic search results. It makes SEO job demand on the rise.

     What are the ways to get a job in SEO as a fresher?

    • Through institute placements

    If you are a fresher and you have started doing digital marketing from the institute then the chances are that you will get the campus placement. The placement is going to depend on the fact that how good you are with the work. Make sure you have completed the certification and complete the placement criteria which the institute might have.

    • Through job portals

    You find thousands and hundreds of jobs and career opportunities for freshers in the digital marketing field which is linked to SEO. Being a fresher you can register yourself on different job portals such as Monster, Indeed, and Naukri.

    Apply filters such as location, job position, experience, and pay scale. Before you apply for the job on these portals will make sure that the profile is presented and updated.

    You are going to find the latest jobs in this field. You can learn and practice better when you are an intern as you are going to work with experienced and trained people.

    • Applies to companies directly

    Most of the top companies post about their business on the websites. For getting the desired job, you need to be proactive and you should visit their official websites from time to time. When your resume is well-presented and it also has the current updates it is going to increase your chances of getting a call for the interview. Getting a call from a good company is going to increase your chances of growth and you will get a good amount of salary which will benefit your future.

    • Professional networking

    It is best to connect with the people who are present in your field. You can use social media sites to connect with people from all over the world. When you start building a network it helps you in gaining attention from the people and prospective employers.


    The entire process will work – Stay calm and patient

    Apart from staying active, you must be patient and calm. It might be tiring and stressful, but it is important to understand that you should find the right work profile which helps to suit the preferences. You should check the events, conferences, and seminars which are happening to know where you can apply for the job.