What is rank tracking? Why is it important and how to choose the right one?

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    Being working in the best website development company for so long, I have enlightened myself with different aspects of making a business website a success. As a team, we handle different aspects from website designing to SEO which allows us to outrank the competitors.

    One of the most common questions asked by the clients is ‘How can we have organic traffic and rank higher on search engines?’

    What is rank tracking?

    Rank tracking is the method to check the search engine ranking position for specific keywords after a certain time. Like for handling all our work we need software, same goes for this method. There is a need for the rank tracker which helps to carry out the entire work.


    Why is rank tracking important?

    The rank tracking allows you to understand which pages and keywords need careful attention. Its use is not only limited to that. In addition, you can also PEEK, whether SEO results are visible or not.

    If the results are visible, it means everything is going the way we planned, and desired results will be achieved. On the other hand, if we notice the results are decreasing gradually or there is no improvement, then there is a need to change the strategy. You need to slice and dice the data to get appropriate results.


    Is it possible to check the ranking on your own?

    With rank trackers, the time is saved as automation helps the workflow with ease. Many clients ask us if there are only a few keywords to track, then why not simply type them and check the ranking manually?

    Manual checking will NOT GIVE the ACCURATE results you want as Google search results are mostly personalized depending on the different things like:

    • Location
    • Browsing history
    • Language
    • Device (desktop/mobile)

    When you compare the results with both the searches you will get to know how they are completely different from each other. So, it is better to leave the professionals to do the work.


    What about going incognito?

    The incognito browser will address the personalization issue which depends on browsing history, apart from that its focus is not on anything else. As the IP address is seen, the personalization will still be done depending on the language and location.


    What does this mean?

    Whether you want to check ranking for one keyword or two keywords, RANK CHECKER is a MUST!


    How can I select the best rank tracker?

    If you are looking to invest in an SEO tool or want a standalone rank tracker, then given below are some of the things which you need to focus upon.

    • Location Support

    The ranking is different from one location to another. Like, if your website is serving India-based clients then you need to track ranking in India, and is the same way you are serving Australia-based clients, then you need to check their ranking. In the same way for other places.

    In case you are dealing with local SEO, you need a rank tracker which focuses on the small aspects like the state, zip code level, or city.


    • Language support

    If your website is targeting people with different languages then you need to work accordingly. You need to track the ranking in different languages within that particular area. In case your website is available in English and Greek language then you need to track down the results for both.


    • Device support (desktop/mobile)

    How can we forget the device on which the user operates on? Do you know signals for both desktop and mobile ranking signals are not the same? So, the ranking on both devices will be different. Desktop users have a faster internet connection, so you need to focus first on desktop users rather than mobile users. However, there are the different reason which can lead to discrepancies across the devices like:

    • Mobile-friendliness is not up to the mark
    • More ads on one device as compared to the other


    • SERP feature tracking

    SERP focuses on non-traditional search results like top stories and snippets (the best one with the best information). If you can rank in any of them it will give you the best results you are looking for. Many of the rank trackers get this done on their own.


    Daily ranking updates

    This is done anywhere between 1 to 7 days. The more you plan, the better will be the results and you can track thousands of keywords.