What is SEO Checklist While Website Redesigning?

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    What is SEO Checklist While Website Redesigning?

    Well, every business owner has the specific purpose for launching the website as his website can be his promotion tool, place for the online traffic, source to attract and retain customers and even can be source for showing online presence but all these things could happen only if he has the perfectly designed website with greater SEO and online ranking.

    If you are planning to redesign your website means are planning to update new things in your website but do not want to lose your online ranking and existing SEO, online traffic then there are some elements as per the SEO checklist that you should keep in mind while your website redesigning.


    What is SEO checklist?

    The best and effective SEO checklist is the perfect mixture of content planning and execution including the other technical aspects like code and schema. If you want to retain the existing SEO then you should keep in mind

    Initial setup for a website redesign

    • Set the website to no to follow, no index while underdevelopment

    • Keep the all search engine friendly URLs at their original place

    Effective content planning

    • Content planning is quite necessary while website development so you must keep eye on

    • For crawling the existing website and to obtain the complete URL list you should use the Dyno Mapper

    • Get the review of Google search console or SEM rush to document the list of all top landing pages of the website

    • Create the SEO sitemap and map all the focused or targeted keywords to URLs

    Content writing

    Your content writing should also be effective so that it can fetch the higher ranking on search engines so you should keep in mind that

    1. Content should be of minimum 1,000 words

    2. Content should be free from spelling errors and grammatical mistakes

    3. Readable content with proper paragraphs, bullets, and subheadings

    4. Proper meta title and description usage

    5. Quality of content and SEO on the top landing pages of the site.

    Technical review

    For retaining or boosting the SEO you must review the design of your website technically and keep in mind the following pointers

    1. Proper header usage to outline the structures for search engines and online visitors

    2. Compatibility of website design for mobile devices

    3. Template coding as per the W3 standards

    4. Optimized images for the load times with proper usage of alt text

    5. Creation of 301 redirects for the change in URL or existing content

    6. XML sitemap

    Website launching

    While making a website go live you must keep in mind to remove the no follow no index on the live site which you had set up before putting it for redesigning. You must review the sitemap or other errors that can create a hindrance for online traffic and search engines. So that you’re updated website could earn a higher ranking on Google and can attract the more traffic.