What is the job description for Search Engine Optimization specialists?

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    What is the job description for Search Engine Optimization specialists?

    SEO specialists

    The Search engine optimization professional aims to increase the web ranking on the search engine and make your website get the targeted users for increased business success. The demand for SEO jobs in Ludhiana has increased. To understand the duties and responsibilities of the SEO specialists read the given topic in detail.

    What are the key responsibilities of the specialists?

    • Optimizing the landing pages and copy for SEO (Search engine optimization).
    • Organic SEO success is extremely important and for that finding & implementing the relevant content.
    • Finding the best keyword to focus on the target audience and increasing the frequency of relevant keywords.

    What is the job brief?

    SEO/SEM professionals will manage all the tasks related to website marketing and optimizing the content. Being in this field, the individual needs to manage the task related to SEO which includes:

    • Link building
    • Keyword strategy
    • Content strategy

    All these factors are important to increase the website ranking on the search engine. He will have the responsibility to manage the SEM campaigns which include Bing, Yahoo, and Google which are great for increasing the return on investment.


    • Optimize the landing and copy pages for SEM (Search engine marketing).
    • Manage the expenses for the campaign, opting for cost-effective options, and checking for faults.
    • Manage the ongoing keyword discovery, utilizing it to the most, and expanding it as much it needs to be.
    • Work with the marketing team for content creation to have better results with SEO and managing the content.
    • Suggest the necessary changes needed in the website structure, linking, content, and use of targeted keywords to improve the results with SEO.
    • SEO professionals work with the development team to make sure that the best practices are implemented for the code which is developed newly.
    • Find the most effective link building tactic and then work on it to get effective results.
    • Identify the latest trends and insights & work on them to increase the ROI in paid search. For that different tests are executed and the one which gives the desired results is selected.


    • The SEO professional needs to have an understanding of marketing, online customer acquisition, and conversion.
    • They need to have experience in multivariate and A/B experiments.
    • Have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript constraints.
    • You need to have knowledge regarding the ranking factors and search engine algorithms.
    • Understanding of the ranking factors and latest search engine algorithms.
    • Experience regarding the bid management tools like Marin, Kenshoo, Search Ignite, and Click Equations.
    • Understanding of the website analytical tools like Web trends, Google Analytics, Omniture, and Netinsight.