What you should know about the keyword search volume? Why is it important?

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    What is the search volume?
    Search volume is one of the most imperative parts used in the SEO metric. All the businesses are built on the search engine queries which are required in Google. With time, more keyword research tools are entering the market and users have also started noticing the various types of search volumes.
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    Where do keyword research tools search volume data?
    There is no doubt that keyword research tools get the desired amount of data from the Google Keyword planner. It is important to understand that if you specifically look at the 6 keywords it is not going to tell you anything about the accuracy. Ideally, you need to do this for around 100K keywords to understand the difference between these.

    What is the accuracy of search volume for Adwords?
    Users will be intended when their tool choice for the keyword helps in specifying the precise numbers which are used for Google Adwords. Choosing a specific keyword, noting down the average number of searches & determining the close variants will help to target the exact setting & data range you have opted for. Doing so will help you look at when your keywords are the most popular and that too during a specified period. Let’s dig in more:

    • Annual average
    The annual average is one of the most interesting choices on its own. Like if you search for the “Diwali” keyword you will end up having 8,88,00,000 results. Although, every month the search query will be less as compared to the Diwali month because people are looking for the Diwali stuff, decoration, and what. So, during the Diwali festival, the searches will be extremely high.

    • Buckets
    If you look at the search query for the independent films then the search volume will be around 2400 and the rest of them are around 2900. In case, when we calculate the data then the searches seem to be around 2650 which is 250 searches more.

    • Close variants
    Let’s take an example: If you consider these 3 searches like SEO, search engine optimization, search engine optimization. When you do this, you are not going to notice any difference between these 3. For the organic ranking, the search results will be slightly different from these. For the adword advertisers, they are not going to notice any change because their ads are always on the top.

    • Monthly updates
    Updating the search volumes is much easier than we have ever thought of. With the search volume, there is a 12-month average.

    Use the performance forecast tool
    • The rounded annual average which can be seen in the Google Keyword Planner is not the only way which can help you check the keyword search popularity. In this case, you can use the performance forecasts which is a pretty simple process to understand. Through this, it is like getting the impressions for the specific data along with the keyword list.
    • In Google, there is another search volume data that does the necessary work for the keywords which are already ranking for your website.

    Final thought!
    There is no doubt that Google keeps on getting better with time and it is making every possible effort to understand in detail the search queries for which the user is searching. Your SEO strategy needs to include the topics which are gaining attention and fulfilling the user intent.