Where you must advertise : Facebook or Google?

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    Where you must advertise : Facebook or Google?

    Facebook has around 2.27 billion monthly users and on Google every second around 40,000 searches are happening. This is a great way for customers to increase business. At times, the business owners get confused about which digital marketing platform they should advertise. Read the topic for better understanding.

    Right way to Advertise: Facebook Vs Google


    On Facebook, when you advertise you pay them when someone clicks on the advertisement. When the user sees the ads, in the newsfeed, sidebar, or on the messenger box it can make them annoyed. But for the business owner, it’s everything they want their business to grow.

    On Facebook, the ads are shown to the people who are interested in the topic you are advertising. While setting up the ads you can choose every small detail.

    It might seem confusing to handle everything on your own. So, it is ideal to contact the expert in digital marketing and choose what is best for you.

    Google Paid Search 

    When you advertise on Google you need to choose the right kind of keywords. You can even set off the negative terms so that the people do not find you when they search for a specific product or service.

    The only thing which is known is the specific keyword they are searching for. When the search and see the text you have displayed. If they find the text appealing they will click right away and you will pay for the click.

    Setting up the AdWords for the Google Campaign can seem pretty tricky. So, you should take the help of the experts of the Google Ads company who can perform the task in the right way.

    Benefits of Facebook paid Social

    • The biggest advantage is that you get every specific information about whom you are advertising. You can follow up with them when they reach your website.
    • You can use the existing customers to find new audiences who can become your potential users in the future.
    • You can create the ads which seem appealing as they are visually attractive.

    Advantages of Google Paid Search

    • The Google search engine is very huge so you get the benefit of attracting a large number of audience.
    • You can use the display network which helps to create more brand awareness. The ideal way to avail the PPC service Punjab so that your business can attract a large number of audience.
    • Google wants to show the best ads, if you want your business to stay on the top then the website should be high-quality and it should have all the relevant data which the user is searching for.

    If your company needs to see the results on time, then let the experts handle the entire process and they will give you the best work.