Which measures are taken into account before and after publishing the website?

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    Digital marketing is a vast field, which provides an opportunity for businesses to have a global reach. Hiring professionals for Digital marketing in Ludhiana will provide services like:

      • Website marketing
      • Increasing website ranking in the Google Search
      • Social media handling
      • Email marketing
      • Many more.

    Handling a website is the most difficult of all the tasks, so it is imperative to trust the team that has expertise in digital marketing. Let’s shed some light on how professionals manage website publishing activities.


    Measures to consider before publishing the website:


      • Site Title

    As the text gets indexed by the search engines, the addition of the site title is a necessity for optimization. So we never ignore this.


      • Site description

    The site description is structured to appear below the site title. It is a short description that may vary from 50 to 300 words.


      • Location

    By adding the location, we make sure that the site can tempt the local people.


      • Online Location

    We connect the Google My Business listings to your website to the creation and the management of the online listings.


      • Generation of the custom domain

    To make it easier for people to find you, we make sure that the domain can contribute to the strengthening of your website.

    Apart from that, we take quintessential care of the following:

      • Make people connect with you through social media platforms
      • Adding a browser icon to ensure enhanced visibility to the site’s brand.
      • Making social media interaction through posting of the images.
      • To incorporate the short and unique SEO description to describe the content of each page with precision.
      • Checking of the titles and the formats
      • Creation of the custom 404 pages to keep the visitors gripped to your website even if the link gets broken.
      • Managing blogging
      • Checking if there are any URL slugs
      • We make sure that your site never gets penalised. For that, we make sure that SSL is enabled.

    After Publishing

    Once the website is published, we follow the following things:

      • The website will be verified for the management of your site presence. The verification will be done through the google search console.
      • To corroborate if the google has indexed your content
      • The site is also verified for the presence management on other browsers like Bing and Yahoo, with the help of the Bing Webmaster tools.
      • Tracking of the visits through Google analytics
      • How is the website optimised for the search engines?
      • The traffic and ranking related changes are tracked by using the following:
      • Search keywords Panel
      • Activity Log
      • Popular content
      • Traffic
      • To track more visitors, integration with google analytics is used.
      • Optimization includes updating the content strategically, so we never take this thing lightly.
      • To create URLs to make sure that the visitors are getting forwarding to the new URL when they click on the previous URL.

    Which things we must consider about the content?

      • Strategic usage of the keywords, to make sure the content is matching the search terms.
      • To make the content properly structured and readable
      • Making it more readable by adding social sharing images.
      • By giving the texts, the readable file names.
      • So for any kind of website marketing services, make sure you are contacting us because we will provide you with cost-effective packages.