Which skills are required to be a web developer? How many types of developers are there?

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    In today’s world, especially in this lockdown period, it is difficult to live without technology, since it is the only technology that has maintained the pace of the economy when every physical medium of working is completely prohibited. None can deny the role of the hugely beneficial inventions which include machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics etc. Technology is solely responsible for satisfying our cravings with effective content.
    People are nowadays taking their businesses online by building eCommerce websites which also requires technical skills. So it’s hard to ignore the importance of technology in any field. So if you are also looking to build your website from a highly qualified web developer, you must consider approaching Flymedia technology.

    A piece of advice
    When you are beginning your journey as a developer, make sure you are focusing on polishing your skills with the help of every possible medium.

    What do you know about web development?
    Web development is a process in which the functionality and operation of the website are quintessentially focused. The functionality of the website is brought about by taking the programming and coding into account.

    Web development consists of three layers which include:

    • Client-side coding
    • Server Side coding
    • Database technology

    What is the role of front end development in website development?
    When we are talking about the front end development, then we are including all those features and functionalities which can attract the user through the appearance. All the features which grant easy access to the user also get included in it.
    Fly media Technology has a skilled team of developers. Our front end developers work so hard to make sure the included visual components on the site fetch the best functionality.

    What is the role of Back end development in website development?
    As the name itself suggests, that back end development has everything to do with the server-side logic & web app integration. The back end developers are accountable for handling the following:
    • Servers
    • Applications
    • The database

    The backend developers at flymedia technology are highly skilled since they are having more than the required knowledge in Ruby on Rails and Java.

    What is the role of database technology in website development?
    Without database technology, web development would be considered spineless as it is the most important part of this. For the creation of the well-function-oriented website, the use of the RDBMS is increasing which makes sure that that synchronisation is carried out flawlessly and seamlessly.

    I know now you have got interested in building your career as the web developer. That is a very good decision.

    One good thing to know
    No matter what your field of study was, you can still be a web developer.

    Final Thoughts
    The technical fields are the fastest ever-growing fields. This is the main reason the It sector is continuously getting expanded. The future in this field is bright since it is the pathway to the modernised world. So it is always suggested to choose the field which has the future. And choosing to become a web developer is the best decision. But corroborate to polish your skills.