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    Google app promotion ads are very essential and a necessary thing to turn over in one’s mind about investing on it. But now our main thing to consider is why the Google promoting apps? According to me what I believe is that they are already doing web promotions also and getting very good response and revenues in web promotions using ad words as they have many Google’s Competitors. So, why not apps as they are having huge Google play network.

    Google finds that most of the users are comfortable with easily click to downloads and install through apps from their mobiles instead of clicking through a webpage and then downloading and installing. It seems to be a lot of time it will take. So they see that in today’s times, apps are widely used. Most of the active users spent their time on smart devices and used apps. Google also assumes and takes the idea that by promoting apps, it is also helpful for improving the business and improves focus on their marketing dollars. Google’s Competitor in this extension is social media, approximately 1.2 billion monthly active users on face book and according to my experience 60 or 70 percent of social media exhausted their time on phones as it is the good source to use it easily. They gain knowledge and enjoyed through apps as it also saves their time. So if we see this from the business point of view then we can take the reason behind the Google promoting apps.
    Now Google have included the “app promotion tool” into Google play to promote apps. To satisfy their users, Google provides them the user-friendly service platform. To help a growing number of users so that you can form your successful global business, Google Play now reaches more than 1 billion people in more than 190 countries on android devices. Infact they also paid more in the last year to developers allocating games and apps on Google Play. They tried to be best and making the best place to find great games and apps and also for the entertainment. We have seen that every month there are more than 100 billion searches on Google.com. So if the searching ads links to next various search ads result than it can considerably becomes better content finding for various advertisers and users both small & large. It will also empowers various developers to more conscious about their apps and provides new ways to finding apps that they diversely might have misplaced and I think it would be proven more effective. Google makes it easier for the various business developers to promote their marketing advertisements. So far I believe that the one of the reason of Google behind promoting apps is to make convenient and efficient for developers and wants to provide user friendly services and for getting more better response from them same as like in web promotions.