Why has G-Suite become the favourite collaboration platform for all the companies?

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    According to the experts practising in the SEO company, “In the recent few years, the business environment has grown out to be more competitive. And to cope with its pace the technological advancements are also taking place side by side. Such advancements aim at increasing the productivity and the efficiency of the business.” One such advancement in the form of the premium quality facilities is – “G-Suite”.It is used as a medium of resource exchange in almost every digital marketing company in Punjab. It is regarded as the best cloud-based solution of today’s times.

    Let’s know about the benefits of using G-Suite.

    Easy Document Sharing

    No matter which kind of business you are in, whether you are in the accounts-handling department or you do website development in Ludhiana, you will always need to collaborate with your team members. It is the key to maximum productivity and high-level efficiency. Benefits of using G-suite for document sharing:

    • Control over accessibility
    • With more than one team we can edit the file simultaneously.

    Great file storage

    Before the introduction of the G-suite, file storage was emerging as a huge problem in all sectors, businesses and corporations. But with G-suite cloud computing, a great deal of the data can be safely stored online.

    What more?

    G-suite offers a free version in which you can store a maximum of 15 GB of data. To subscribe to the paid version, you get access to the premium features. It will be completely your choice whether you want to switch to the paid version or not.

    You can have your domain name

    G-suite always offers costumes with highly facilitating features. When you think of using G-suite, then you can customise the emails of your employees to make these sound more professional.

    The company can maintain the account

    This is mainly beneficial to the company itself as the owners are granted the facility of accessing the accounts of those employees who have left the company.

    Need not sign in again and again

    Using G-suite will make you free of the hassle of signing into your account repeatedly. You just need to sign in once and then click on the “Save Password’ option that is there in the pop-up window.

    Customisation is great

    You are free and allowed to customise the user interface. You can place the logo of your company to make it sound more professional instead of the google logo.

    All devices can have the best experience

    No matter which kind of device you are using in the G-suite, each one of them can experience the best and the seamless exposure to all the facilities.

    Added Security

    With the 2 step verification, it becomes easy for Google to provide premium level security.

    Final Comments!

    G Suite has become a favourite for all businesses with advanced level features and benefits. If you know some of its features, which we did not have mentioned in the blog, then please let us know. We shall try to include that in our upcoming blogs.