Wix Joins The Path With Indexnow

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    Wix has now integrated with IndexNow. An exciting news for all Wix users by virtue of Microsoft’s initiative to make indexing easier and faster. It means that Wix users can now put more emphasis on their work rather than having to worry about pinging IndexNow as soon as there is an update to the content. 

    A quick introduction to Wix and Indexnow.

    Wix is a software company that provides tools to create websites. The platform for website building is free, which lets the users design their sites freely and professionally. 

    On the other hand, IndexNow is an open-source protocol created by Microsoft and Yandex that helps sites ping the search engine about any kind of content update; it can be posting, deleting or making corrections. 

    How does Wix supporting IndexNow prove to be favourable to Wix users?  

    Wix integrating with IndexNow is beneficial in the following ways.

    • Faster indexing can help to reach higher ranks
    • No having to manually ping IndexNow for content updates
    • Emphasis on work rather than indexing
    • Time-saving

    The idea of IndexNow was created so that the websites can inform search engines about the content updates before the search engines crawl the websites. 

    Web crawlers can take a long time to crawl your website, which can affect your ranking and growth. Even if your website usually has higher traffic, the process of crawling can still be delayed if there is any change in the content, but with IndexNow, websites can ping the search engine even if there is the slightest change in their content, which will help the websites to improve their performance consistently.