All You Need to Know About Programmatic Advertising & How it Works?

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    All You Need to Know About Programmatic Advertising & How it Works

    Have you ever wondered how a website is able to offer a great plethora of free content while keeping their all operations smooth. The short answer is “Programmatic Advertising”. 

    Top Digital marketing company in Ludhiana and around the world are familiar with the term Programmatic Advertising while some don’t know about it and are lacking in the race of dominating the digital ranking landscape. 

    Online users explore types of content on various digital platforms, and this leads to profit generation for multiple brands. 

    If you are confused and don’t know what programmatic advertising is, then this blog is for you. 


    Programmatic advertising means connecting both users and advertisers who have similar interests online on different digital media platforms. 

    What is Programmatic Advertising 

    Programmatic advertisements, in simple words, are automated ad selling and buying services on various digital media and devices. Through advanced machine learning and AI algorithms, programmatic advertising targets users online, demographic data based on their interests. It’s important to keep your site reliable for Google algorithms, keep major points in mind which can make your site look unreliable. 

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    Programmatic advertising means showing ads of the right company to the right buyer at the time on the right platform. Precision or ROI is the main reason why many digital marketers are choosing this technique in enhancing sales of their clients. 


    Difference Between Programmatic & Display Ads

    Programmatic and display ads are different yet overlapping strategies of effective marketing. Each technique aims to increase your ROAS (Rate of Ad Spend).

    Following are the two majors associated with Programmatic & Display Ads.

    Programmatic: The process of buying and placing ads.

    Display: The ad, its format and display. 

    One can place display ads manually instead of programmatically. Programmatic ads extend beyond display ads by incorporating search ads, video ads, etc. 

    Programmatic and display ads are interchangeable, but not all programmatic ads are display ads, and not all display ads are programmatic ads.

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    Working Process of Programmatic Advertising 

    Programmatic advertising can be considered a digital matchmaker that connects potential users online to the right companies. 

    Following are the Workflow steps of Programmatic Advertising 

    > Programmatic ad buying kicks when an online user clicks on a website. 

    > Via supply-side platforms, publishers can initiate an auction for ad impressions on their site. 

    > Bids are placed on behalf of the advertiser after analysing campaign parameters, budget, and demographic data. 

    The functionalities of both DSPs and SSPs are aided by DMPs. 

    Key Terms of Programmatic Advertising 

    There are three major terms utilised in Programmatic Advertising. 

    ~ Supply Side Platforms ~Demand Side Platforms ~ Data Management Platforms ~ Ad Exchange 


    Benefits of Programmatic Advertising 

    Following are the lists of a few benefits for which digital marketers are turning to programmatic advertising. 

    > Wide reach to target audience

    > Enhanced retargeting 

    > First & Third party data segmented 

    > Flexible options for buying & selling ads

    > Fully measurable results 

    * Tip: Like programmatic ads, Online customer surveys are also effective methods to increase your reach. 


    Programmatic Advertising is the best technique employed by the best digital marketing agencies in India & around the world to increase sales. If you want to experience the benefits of programmatic advertising for your business, then contact FlyMedia Technology and discuss your requirements.