What is bookmarking in SEO? How does it work and what are its benefits?

What is bookmarking in SEO

What is bookmarking in SEO? Social bookmarking is a tool that is used by users to buy, monitor, organize, and manage internet pages through the use of bookmarks. The use of a social bookmarking platform is required for saving the links. Social bookmarking is about individual bookmarks or considering the preferred choices. With the experienced […]

What is the importance of google safe browsing in the context of social engineering?


By social engineering, we indicate the kind of content that contrives the visitors to do something minacious (dangerous). According to the experts practicing in the famous digital marketing company, “The menacing attacks may result in the following: Exposing Confidential information Downloading some kind of threatening software” In case, your website is found to be having […]

Which tips will be helpful in effectively implementing a Technical SEO strategy?


According to the SEO experts of the famous digital marketing company, “The predominant aim of any SEO strategy is to somehow make the technical SEO better.” If you are thoroughly ensured that your website is in the tip-top shape, then you can surely expect the following outcomes: Generation of the maximum SEO traffic Your keywords […]

What is a page experience report? How to simplify the page experience report?

What is Page Experience? Page Experience is checked through Per-URL. At present, this is only done for mobile browsers. In simple terms, the necessary evaluation will be done for the users of mobile devices and the search results from the mobile devices are affected. The report and assessment are done to help the sites in […]

What are the topmost ways to determine your chances of ranking in Google?

Ways to Determine Your Chances of Rankin gin Google

When it comes to getting your website ranked, the expert team of digital marketing company strategizes an effective plan to help your online business. One such name is Flymedia technology who makes every possible effort with the use of the latest and inventive online marketing strategies to make your business stand out in the online […]

How many keywords are possible to rank for with one page?

How many keywords are possible to rank for with one page

If you are monitoring the traffic from Google, then it is not about the single page which can rank for the number of relevant keywords. To better understand the situation, you need to get assistance from the experienced team of Digital Marketing Company. One such name which is shining in the world of web development […]