Wix Joins The Path With Indexnow


Wix has now integrated with IndexNow. An exciting news for all Wix users by virtue of Microsoft’s initiative to make indexing easier and faster. It means that Wix users can now put more emphasis on their work rather than having to worry about pinging IndexNow as soon as there is an update to the content.  […]

How to analyze and optimize your website with various PageSpeed tools?


If you have a business website, then it is important to ensure that it runs effectively. For that, you need to get it developed and managed by the experts of web development. Our website designing company provides an effective way to ensure the page speed is optimized and it will be analyzed from time to […]


AMP actually around three parts 1. AMP HTML 2. AMP JS 3. AMP CDN AMP HTML : the AMP HTML pages contain some custom properties of AMP . and if you want to see the example code we can see it it is look like this code ….. <!doctype html> <html ⚡> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> […]

How we can Increase the speed Of our WordPress website?

we can speed up our WordPress  site because if the speed of the website is good than it helps in SEO and also it avoids the errors which are due to server connectivity errors in WebMaster. What Happened when some one load the WordPress page? When some one load the WordPress  page than in case of WordPress   the […]